Drager Simplex Gas Mask




Original nice condition Drager “Simplex” gas mask. Drager was manufacturing gas masks before WWII. These masks were made circa 1963 and were used during the cold war period and into the Gulf War (1990) by several coalition forces including the Israelis, who designed and manufactured under Drager license their model 4 and model 4A1 civilian masks from it. The Israelis always use excellent equipment so this is testament to the quality of the Drager masks. The mask is a size M (standard size, most issued were this size) in very nice condition with soft pliable rubber and has quick adjustable straps for ease of fitting and donning the mask rapidly. There is a detachable strap attached to the lower edge of the mask that is used to wrap around the neck of the wearer to allow the mask to hang at the ready for fast deployment and to keep the mask from being dropped or lost. Inside the face of the mask there is a smaller respiratory mask that surrounds the nose and mouth areas. This mask uses common NATO 40mm filter canisters (not included). The filter shown in the pictures is not included.

Please see the pictures, some of which are from the excellent website gasmaskking.com.
This mask comes with a lens kit which has replacement lenses and lens cleaning wipes.
Also included is the heavy canvas carry pouch with sling. These masks are still being used in areas of the world and would be an excellent choice for reenactments or for personal protection use.

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