French 40mm NATO CBRN Gas Mask ANP-51/53 Medium (standard size)




Size II French ANP-M51/53 NATO Gas Mask with MLe 63 Canvas Carry Pouch and sling. Uses widely available 40mm NATO style canister filters, (not included). Compatible with any 40mm filter including CBRN rated filters to protect against chemical or biological attacks. The M51 gas mask was originally adopted in the 1950s and was produced into the 1990s and were used by the French and other forces in the Gulf War. These masks show various revision marks and most are dated in the 1990’s. The masks are in excellent condition but may show some slight wear. The mask and adjustable straps are soft and pliable and form a tight fit to the face. Included is a container with an extra (hard plastic) lens and several thinner plastic lens protectors. This mask is marked on the face as “II” so it is size Medium and will fit a wide range of face sizes. If you are small framed or thin in the face the “Small” mask might be a better choice. Hard to find in this size! We have just a limited supply.
The canvas carry pouch is in very nice condition but may exhibit some slight staining or scuffing and a slight musty smell from storage.
Sold individually.

Hard to beat this mask for the price.

Will ship to lower 48 states only.
This is for a size Medium mask. Made for average size faces.


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Weight 3 lbs

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